Local rules

  1. The use of the course is only permitted to members of the GC Traminer Golf Klöch and the green fee player and is at your own risk!
    2. Meet start times! Do not start sooner or later.
    3. The membership or green fee card must be visibly attached to the golf bag.
    4. Privileges: Monday through Thursday – two to three, three to four.
    Friday to Sunday and public holidays – four to three, three to two
    Players who abbreviate or cut lose all privileges.
    5. Single players basically have no prerogative.
    Play unprompted when the next fairway is clear and the following flight is waiting.
    Golf carts do not entitle to any special rights.
    6. Specified max. Lap time (18 holes 4-flight): 4 hours 30 minutes = 15 minutes on average from tee to tee.
    7. It is forbidden to drive down tees, greens and greens and narrow passages between bunkers and greens with trolleys and golf carts.
    8. There may be max. 2 people use an e-cart – in the event of a violation, there will be a removal!
    9. All bridges and crossings are considered as water hazards.
    10. “Free Drop” applies on all roads and paths.
    11th tee: Important! Before you tee off you have to check if the pedestrian and bicycle path is clear.
    12. In the vineyard, the drop zone must be used.
    13. Soft spikes and golf-adequate clothing are required!
    14. Gross violations of golf etiquette may result in a ban on space or a court referral.

Dogs are allowed on the golf course under the following conditions:

• Dogs should only be kept on a leash
• Take dog sacks and use them if necessary

Failure to comply with these two rules will result in a referral.
We control compliance with the rules exactly. Any player who takes his dog must also register this at the secretariat. We ask our golf guests to abide by the rules.

Dress code:
Attention, dear golfers!
Please note the clothing regulations:

  • NO blue jeans
  • Golf shoes with socks and soft spikes

• Golf shirts must have a collar, as well as long or short sleeves. The shirts must be worn in the pants.
• Short sports and leisure pants, jogging suits and sandals are not allowed.
• Golfshirts with or without collar, but shoulders should be covered (no spaghetti straps).
• Shorts and golf skirts should not be too short.
If these regulations are disregarded, a reference will be sent.

Dear players,
We would like to point out to you to correct the pitch marks and to carefully reinsert the divots and make them stand so that it can grow again! With sporting regards from the Greenkeeper!